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Academic and Research Staff

  • Dr Alkathafi Alhamud, Research Officer, 2017
  • Stefan Steiner, Lecturer, 2016
  • Mladen Poluta, Senior Lecturer, 2015
  • Dr Lester John, Senior Lecturer, 2015
  • Dr Barak Morgan, Research Officer, 2013
  • Dr Colin Andrew, Research Officer, 2013
  • Dr Bruce Spottiswoode, Senior Lecturer, 2012
  • Dr Nicholas Sachs, Lecturer, 2012
  • Dr David Boonzaier, Senior Lecturer, 2011

Post-doctoral Research Fellows

  • Dr Lindie Du Plessis, 2018
  • Dr Omowumi Inyang, 2017
  • Dr Temitope Tokosi, 2017
  • Dr Sharief Hendricks, 2017
  • Dr Kylie de Jager, 2017 [LinkedIn]
  • Dr Andie De Villiers, 2017
  • Dr Mazin Sirry, 2016
  • Dr Ronald Dendere, 2016
  • Dr Jill Fortuin, 2016
  • Dr Martha Holmes, 2016
  • Dr Paul Taylor, 2015
  • Dr Frances Robertson, 2015
  • Dr Malebogo Ngoepe, 2015
  • Dr Daniel Auger, 2014
  • Dr Ian Burger, 2013
  • Dr Jesu Joseph, 2012
  • Dr Tinashe Mutsvangwa, 2012
  • Dr Francois de Guio, 2011
  • Dr Barak Morgan, 2010
  • Dr Otolorin Osibote, 2010

PhD Graduates

  1. Kevin Sack, Efficacy prediction of biomaterial injection therapies for myocardial infarction, 2018
  2. Giovanni Milandri, Eccentric cycling rehabilitation after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: A randomised controlled trial of strength and biomechanical outcomes, 2017 [download thesis]
  3. Matthew Gerhold, A study of event-related electrocortical oscillatory dynamics associated with cued motor-response inhibition during performance of the Go/NoGo task within a sample of prenatally alcohol-exposed children and age-matched controls, 2017 [download thesis]
  4. Kerry Woods, Parietal dysfunction in children with prenatal alcohol exposure, 2017 [download thesis]
  5. Muhammad Saleh, Real-time motion and magnetic field correction for GABA editing using EPI volumetric navigated MEGA-SPECIAL sequence: Reproducibility and Gender effects, 2016 [download thesis]
  6. Fulufhelo Masithulela, Computational biomechanics in the remodelling rat heart post myocardial infarction, 2016 [download thesis]
  7. Hugo Krynauw, Tailoring of the biomechanics of tissue-regenerative vascular scaffolds, 2016 [download thesis]
  8. Alfred Bogaers, Efficient and robust partitioned solution schemes for fluid-structure interactions, 2015 [download thesis]
  9. Jia Fan, Neuroimaging study of prenatal alcohol exposure effects on structural and functional connectivity in children, 2015 [download thesis]
  10. Priya Lakshmi Narayanan, Development of a tool for automatic segmentation of the cerebellum in MR images of children, 2015 [download thesis]
  11. Mazin Sirry, Computational biomechanics of acute myocardial infarction and its treatment, 2015 [download thesis]
  12. Mayuresh Kulkarni, Monte Carlo simulation of slot-scanning X-ray imaging systems, 2015
  13. Ronald Dendere, Hand X-ray absorptiometry for measurement of bone mineral density on a slot-scanning X-ray imaging system, 2014 [download thesis]
  14. Lindie du Plessis, An investigation of the integrity of two components of the cerebellar neurocircuitry involved in classical eyeblink conditioning in children prenatally exposed to alcohol: A magnetic resonance spectroscopy and functional magnetic resonance imaging study, 2014 [download thesis]
  15. Christopher du Plooy, The effects of acute stress on retrieval of visual and spatial material, 2014 (via Psychology) [download thesis]
  16. Daniel Auger, Myocardial segmentation, surface strain and cardiac dyssynchrony analysis using 3D DENSE MRI, 2013 [download thesis]
  17. Adijat Tiamiyu, Design and evaluation of a novel meniscal prosthesis for the knee, 2013
  18. Alkathafi Alhamud, Implementation of anatomical navigators for real time motion correction in diffusion tensor imaging, 2012 [download thesis]
  19. Ian Burger, A control system approach to subject specific prospective respiratory motion correction in cardiac MRI, 2012 [download thesis]
  20. Frances Robertson, Issues in the processing and analysis of functional NIRS imaging and a contrast with fMRI findings in a study of sensorimotor deactivation and connectivity, 2012 [download thesis]
  21. Aaron Hess, Real-time motion and main magnetic field correction in MR spectroscopy using an EPI volumetric navigator, 2011 [download thesis]
  22. Melike Fourie, Guilt in the body and brain: A psychophysiological and neuroimaging investigation, 2011 [download thesis]
  23. Ryan Benjamin, Non-maximum entropy polymer elasticity, viscoelasticity and the lattice Boltzmann method, 2010 [download thesis]
  24. Andrea Hemmerich, Rotational laxity of the knee following reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament using single vs double-bundle surgery, 2009 [download thesis]
  25. Khalid Hussein, Computer models for the design and optimization of a linear slot scanning mammography system, 2009 [download thesis]
  26. Nelleke Langerak, The long-term sequelae of selective dorsal rhizotomy in patients with spastic diplegia, 2009 [download thesis]
  27. Esau Muluh, Characterizing event-related oscillations and potentials in mental arithmetic by examining arithmetic-operation and problem-size effects, 2009
  28. Tinashe Mutsvangwa, Characterization of the facial phenotype associated with fetal alcohol syndrome using stereo-photogrammetry and geometric morphometrics, 2009 [download thesis]
  29. Victoria Ives-Deliperi, The matter of mindfulness: Investigations into the mechanisms of mindfulness, 2008 (via Psychology) [download thesis]
  30. Bruce Spottiswoode, Towards automating cine DENSE MRI image analysis: segmentation, tissue tracking and strain computation, 2006 [download thesis]
  31. Roumen Georgiev, Three dimensional coordinate reconstruction of multiple targets using linear sensors, 2003 [download thesis]
  32. Scott MacKinnon, Ergonomics of single-handed pulling: A biomechanical and psychophysical assessment, 2003 [download thesis]

Masters Graduates

  1. Wian Van Den Bergh, Drug eluting electrospun scaffolds for tissue regeneration, 2018
  2. Albert Opiyo, Telerehabilitation using hand exoskeleton for stroke survivors, 2017 [download thesis]
  3. Giancarlo Beukes, Multi ligament laxity measurement using Laxmeter, 2017 [download thesis]
  4. Gokul Nair, Adrenaline auto injector design, 2017
  5. Kenneth Park, Stents for transcatheter aortic valve replacement, 2017 [download thesis]
  6. Elizabeth Kruse, Studying the mechanics of enveloped viruses and their interactions with the host cell, 2017
  7. Rofhiwa Seletani, Evaluation of electrocardiogram recordings from dry electrodes embedded on the head of a stethoscope, 2017
  8. Cara Swanepoel, Non-invasive deep muscle electromyography: Measurement of extrinsic foot muscle activity, 2017
  9. Megan Findlay, A modular and adjustable ptosis crutch as a non-surgical solution to elevating the upper eyelid of myasthenia gravis patients, 2017 [download thesis]
  10. Leah Morgan, MR Imaging sequence for navigation during brain scanning, 2016 [download thesis]
  11. Stefan Stoeckigt, Investigation of differences in cortical activation during wrist flexion and extension performed under real, passive and motor imagined paradigms, 2016 [download thesis]
  12. William Wasswa, 3D approximation of scapula bone shape from x-ray image using landmark constrained statistical shape model fitting, 2016 [download thesis]
  13. Shaa’ista Ameen, No touch breast implant insertion device, 2016 [download thesis]
  14. Stephen Jermy, 4D Flow and displacement sensitive MR imaging of upper-arm artero-venous connections for haemodialysis, 2016 [download thesis]
  15. Emmanuel Nwosu, Effects of HIV and different antiretroviral therapy regimes on brain structure in HIV infected children at age 7, 2015 [download thesis]
  16. Steven Randall, 2015
  17. Mwape Mofya, Simultaneous DTI and rs-fMRI using the navigated diffusion sequence, 2015 [download thesis]
  18. Jeremy Pitman, Development of an EMG-controlled orthotic device for stroke rehabilitation of the flaccid hand, 2015 [download thesis]
  19. Jadrana Toich, Resting state analysis of HIV children compared to control subjects at age 7, 2015 [download thesis]
  20. Aliza Janse Van Rensburg, Heparanoid hydrogels for cardiovascular tissue regeneration, 2015 [download thesis]
  21. Mkhokheli Ncube, Design of a wireless ureteropyeloscope, 2015 [download thesis]
  22. Jason Voorneveld, High porosity electrospun nanofibrillar scaffolds for small diameter vascular graft applications, 2015 [download thesis]
  23. Michael Cousin, An investigation into the use of stereophotogrammetry for the analysis of craniofacial dysmorphology in schizophrenia, 2015 [download thesis]
  24. Shaun Fickling, Towards an algorithm for the prediction of non-contact anterior cruciate ligament injuries, 2015 [download thesis]
  25. Jeff Joseph, On the relationship between corticomuscular (EEG-EMG) phase coupling and muscular fatigue, 2015 [download thesis]
  26. Faatiema Salie, An investigation into turbine ventilators as a potential environmental control measure to minimise the risk of transmission of tuberculosis - a laboratory and field study, 2014 [download thesis]
  27. Chipo Chimhundu, Interlandmark measurements from Lodox Statscan images with application to femoral neck anteversion assessment, 2014 [download thesis]
  28. Esther van Heerden, Osseointegration of 3D titanium scaffolds seeded with induced pluripotent stem cells in vitro, 2014 [download thesis]
  29. Timothy Perks, Reducing Radiation Dose for a Linear Slot Scanning Digital X-ray Machine using a Filtration Technique, 2014 [download thesis]
  30. Raphael Smith, The design, construction and testing of a hermetically sealed breast platform for dual-modality mammography, 2014 [download thesis]
  31. Nikhil Divekar, Investigation of the interaction between corticomuscular coherence, motor precision and perceived difficulty in wrist flexion and extension, 2013 [download thesis]
  32. Mohammed Esmail, Towards improving the Statscan x-ray image quality through sliding mode control of the C-arm, 2013 [download thesis]
  33. Rodaina Omar Khateb, Optimization of structural and mechanical properties of electro-spun biodegradable scaffolds for vascular tissue regeneration, 2013 [download thesis]
  34. Richard Pauck, Computational analyses towards the design of biodegradable polymeric coronary artery stents, 2013
  35. Teshwaree Tezoo, Computer-aided analysis of airways in chest X-ray images, 2013
  36. Leandra Webb, Enhancing auditory P300 amplitude through the use of spatial auditory stimuli and navigation of a virtual environment, 2013
  37. Peter Wise, Optimization of the hydrogel therapy used in the treatment of myocardial infarction, 2013
  38. Nielen Venter, The effects of empirical mode decomposition based de-noising in improving detection of directly stimulated skeletal muscle response, 2013 [download thesis]
  39. Mine Zantow, Image-based analysis of droplets in microfluidics, 2013
  40. Natalie Boonzaier, Effects of prenatal alcohol exposure on cerebellar volume in children: An MRI study, 2012 (via Applied Anatomy) [download thesis]
  41. Toinette-Lee Dixon, Implementation and evaluation of a bony structure suppression software tool for chest x-ray imaging, 2012 [download thesis]
  42. Renee Miller, A computational study of post-infarct mechanical effects of injected biomaterial into ischemic myocardium, 2012 [download thesis]
  43. Ghabiba Modak, Characteristics of dynamics associated with skeletal muscle contraction initiated by acetylcholine injection, 2012 [download thesis]
  44. Richard Mudd, Exploring the range of motion between the acetabular component and the femoral component in hip resurfacing, 2012 [download thesis]
  45. Muhammad Saleh, Methods and adaptations required to perform small-animal MRI scanning using a large bore clinical MRI, 2012 [download thesis]
  46. Roland Baasch, FMRI guided DTI at the grey-white matter interface with application to a connectivity analysis of the default mode network in Urbach-Wiethe disease, 2011 [download thesis]
  47. Alexander Bentley, An offline multi-class auditory P300 brain-computer interface using principal and independent component analysis, 2011 [download thesis]
  48. Frank Bolton, Automated 3D reconstruction of Lodox Statscan images for forensic application, 2011 [download thesis]
  49. Karen Bredenkamp, Development of biomechanical models that represent members of the South African National Defence Force, 2011 [download thesis]
  50. Dan Golding, A comparison of methods for the registration of tractographic fibre images, 2011 [download thesis]
  51. Nico Gorbach, Unsupervised connectivity-based cortex parcellation using the information bottleneck method, 2011
  52. Radhika Kulkarni, Locating regions of interest prior to x-ray imaging using stereo-photogrammetry, 2011 [download thesis]
  53. Devikrishna Sarala, Hardware and software integration and testing for the automation of bright-field microscopy for tuberculosis detection, 2011 [download thesis]
  54. Keri Woods, Tissue segmentation of the cerebellum from MR images, 2011 (via Computer Science) [download thesis]
  55. Anton Eicher, Active shape model segmentation of brain structures in MR images of subjects with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, 2010 (via Computer Science) [download thesis]
  56. Mahalingam Veeraragoo, Pattern recognition to detect fetal alcohol syndrome using stereo-facial images, 2010 [download thesis]
  57. Lindie Du Plessis, Magnetic resonance spectroscopy quality assessment at CUBIC and application to the study of the cerebellar deep nuclei in children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, 2010 [download thesis]
  58. Dean Hodgskiss, Towards improved visual stimulus discrimination in an SSVEP BCI, 2010 [download thesis]
  59. Bhavin Patel, Creating a virtual slide map from sputum smear Images for region-of-interest localisation in automated microscopy, 2010 [download thesis]
  60. Jordi Reddy, Development of a physiological flow loop simulator for graft compliance testing, 2010 [download thesis]
  61. Mazin Sirry, Development of a tissue-regenerative vascular graft: structural and mechanical aspect, 2010 [download thesis]
  62. Michael Hamman de Vaal, In vivo mechanical loading conditions of pectorally implanted cardiac pacemakers: Feasibility of a force measurement system and concept of an animal human transfer function, 2009 [download thesis]
  63. Katie Bromley, Exploring the prevalence of developmental reading difficulties in children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, 2009 (via Research Psychology) [download thesis]
  64. Ronald Dendere, Segmentation of candidate bacillus objects in images of Ziehl-Neelsen-stained sputum smears using deformable models, 2009 [download thesis]
  65. Rethabile Khutlang, Image segmentation and object classification for automatic detection of tuberculosis in sputum smears, 2009 [download thesis]
  66. Hugo Krynauw, Design and implementation of an apparatus for hydrodynamic and fatigue testing of prosthetic aortic valves, 2009 [download thesis]
  67. Andre Mouton, Computer-aided diagnosis of tuberculosis in paediatric chest x-rays using local textural analysis, 2009 [download thesis]
  68. Neil Campbell, Design of a knee simulator for the testing of total knee prostheses, 2008 [download thesis]
  69. Robyn Herron, Connectivity analysis of brain function in children with foetal alcohol spectrum disorder and control children during number processing, 2008 [download thesis]
  70. Benjamin Irving, Radiation dose measurement and prediction for linear slit scanning radiography, 2008 [download thesis]
  71. Murray Long, Segmentation of body regions and airways in full-body digital paediatric x-ray images, 2008
  72. Martin Hoole, The design and manufacture of an accelerated fatigue testing machine for coronary stents, 2007 [download thesis]
  73. Susan Wynne, Localising discrete points in 3D space using stereo pairs of digital slot-scanning X-rays, 2007 [download thesis]
  74. Sarah Dawson, Application of 3D imaging technology to anterior cruciate ligament surgery, 2006 [download thesis]
  75. Aaron Hess, Calculating 3D intramyocardial strain tensors in a single slice of myocardium using MRI, 2006 [download thesis]
  76. Tinashe Mutsvangwa, Statistical analysis of facial landmark data for optimization of fetal alcohol syndrome diagnosis, 2006 [download thesis]
  77. Megan Russell, Autofocusing and image segmentation in microscopy for automatic detection of tuberculosis in sputum smears, 2006 [download thesis]
  78. Martin Scheelke, System characterization of a full body slit scanning radiography machine: theory and experiment, 2006 [download thesis]
  79. Alkathafi Ali Alhamud, The use of a neural network to recognize placental insufficiency from blood flow velocity waveforms in the umbilical cord, 2005 [download thesis]
  80. Devin Bosanquet, Investigation of phase synchronization in the cortex during a fatiguing muscle contraction using EEG, 2005 [download thesis]
  81. Rex Grobbelaar, Stereo facial image matching to aid in fetal alcohol syndrome screening, 2005 [download thesis]
  82. Warren Halberstadt, Pattern recognition in the detection of tuberculous meningitis, 2005 [download thesis]
  83. Nazir Karbanee, Investigating the effect of size on gait using a bipedal robot, 2005 [download thesis]
  84. Pieter-Andre Keevy, Finite element tool for modelling stent deployment to aid stent design, 2005 [download thesis]
  85. Chuan-Hsiao Peter Ma, Body composition analysis using air displacement plethysmography, 2004
  86. Megan Watson, Development of an interactive image-guided neurosurgical system, 2004 [download thesis]
  87. Megan van den Berg, Feasibility of using Lodox to perform digital subtraction angiography, 2003 [download thesis]
  88. Wayne Nin, Use of digital cameras as an adjunct to Lodox, 2003 [download thesis]
  89. Alyson Lease, Feasibility of using Lodox technology for mammography, 2002 [download thesis]
  90. Rutendo Ngara, Performance and sustainability indicators for clinical engineering services, 2002 [download thesis]
  91. Greg Flash, Feasibility of using a robotic arm with LODOX technology, 2002 [download thesis]

Postgraduate Diploma Graduates

  1. Floris Moses, 2017
  2. Gaseu Magele, 2017
  3. Gugulethu Moyo, 2017
  4. Johny Erasmus, 2017
  5. Mamosidi Molisakeng, 2017
  6. Ntsubise Molomo, 2017
  7. Nyamcko Ndurncla, 2017
  8. Rirhandzu Mthombeni, 2017
  9. Sammy-Jo Flanagan, 2017
  10. Sipho Mbhamali, 2017
  11. Thobeka Silwane, 2017
  12. Zwetlithini Khoza, 2017