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PhD Students

  1. Absalom Maluleke, The dispersion of biomaterials in infarcted myocardium during therapeutic delivery
  2. Adam van Niekerk, High temporal resolution motion correction in MRI using vector observations
  3. Chimwemwe Msosa, Mechanics of parasite-cell interactions
  4. Corius Reyneke, Statistical shape modelling
  5. Dodzi Motchon, Cellular and peri-cellular mechanics in therapeutic intra-myocardial biomaterial injectates
  6. Elizabeth Kruse, Mechanics of virions and virion-cell interactions
  7. Emmanuel Nwosu, Longitudinal brain morphometry of HIV-infected children on early antiretroviral therapy (ART)
  8. Fatiema Salie, Collaboration networks for medical device design
  9. Giovanni Milandri, ACL rehabilitation using eccentric training
  10. Gizeaddis Lamesgin, Real time shim and motion measurement and correction during functional MRI
  11. John Nchejane, Cell therapies for myocardial infarction
  12. Jonathan Glenday, RTSA prosthesis design to reduce deltoid fatigue
  13. Juliet Nagawa, Clinically-based modelling of ventricular and infarct mechanics to assess patient-specific treatment response
  14. Kenneth Mbugua, Analysis of the structural and spectroscopic differences in the developing brain in 5 year old HIV-infected children and uninfected controls
  15. Keri Woods, Parietal dysfunction in children with prenatal alcohol exposure
  16. Kevin Sack, Efficacy prediction of biomaterial injection therapies for myocardial infarction
  17. Leanne Haworth, Shoulder biomechanics, implant design, verification & validation
  18. Riham Ahmed, Mathematical modelling of growth-factor induced cell migration in 3D engineered matrices
  19. Roopam Dey, Morphometric anatomical shoulder prosthesis design
  20. Samuel Bayih, Magnetic resonance imaging
  21. Yaseen Gerhold, Response inhibition mechanisms in fetal alcohol syndrome and partial fetal alcohol syndrome: An event-related potentials study