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Master's Students

  1. Abrie Coertze, Statistical shape modelling
  2. Alastair During, Development of an experimental ankle-foot prosthetic to improve gait metabolic efficiency of trans-tibial amputees
  3. Ameen Bardien, Design and development of a novel patient and dosage tracking system for an adrenaline autoinjector
  4. Amy Graham, Alterations in brain metabolism in HIV-infected children at 11 years
  5. Andrew Lin, Patient specific thoracic endovascular aortic repair
  6. Brian Lugadilu, Development of a statistical shape and appearance model of the skull from the south African population
  7. Catherine Bradshaw, Tissue regeneration
  8. Catherine Namayega, tba
  9. Christopher Herbert, Novel design for the circular external fixation system
  10. Christopher Mutswangwa, Improving the user experience of an X-ray imaging system
  11. Dian Haasbroek, tba
  12. Daniel Rimbault, MRI pulse sequence development
  13. Farai Mberi, Magnetic resonance imaging
  14. Felix Atuhaire, tba
  15. Ghodeejah Higgins, Determining the effect of the malignant potential of cancer cells on their microrheological properties and associated cytoskeletal content in 2D environments
  16. Hilton Donson, Healthcare technology management
  17. Humphrey Abbey, tba
  18. Isaac Khobo, tba
  19. Jacobus Verster, Developing a diagnostic tool for scapular dyskinesis
  20. Jason Collier, tba
  21. Jaydon Farao, tba
  22. Jerry Sam, Development of a device for multi-modal mechanical manipulation of cells in 2D and 3D engineering environments
  23. Joanah Madzime: Magnetic resonance imaging
  24. Johannes-Petrus Jordaan, Noise reduction during diffusion tensor imaging of infants
  25. Joshua D'Alton, Neural correlates of stroke rehabilitation
  26. Kagiso Dikgomo, tba
  27. Kedebone Oliver, tba
  28. Khanyisile Chiganze, tba
  29. Khwezi Majola, tba
  30. Kieran Duggan, VEP brain-computer interfaces
  31. Lyanne Mapani, tba
  32. Marilize Fourie, MRI tissue mapping
  33. Matthew Proxenos, Towards the development of a dynamic device for the evaluation of hypertonia of the upper extremity
  34. Meftah Madi, Review of mHealth interventions for eye health
  35. Munyaradzi Matose, Airborne infection control for public congregate settings
  36. Nonku Nyathi, Collaboration networks for development of diagnostic medical devices
  37. Nyotu Gitau, tba
  38. Ofentse Noko, Implementing cardiac diffusion tensor imaging
  39. Quik Kung, X-ray image processing for visualisation of the cervical spine
  40. Ramonde Patientia, Review of mHealth interventions for adolescents
  41. Racheal Musasizi, tba
  42. Rochelle Smith, Drug resistance in cancer
  43. Rosslee Guess, Towards a tissue engineered transcatheter heart valve
  44. Saadiq Gasant, Novel radial head fracture fixation system
  45. Safa Naraghi, Screening of latent tuberculosis by imaging Mantoux test induration using a mobile phone
  46. Sarah McLean, tba
  47. Scott Bruton, Design, development and validation of a tactile multi-measurement tool for real-time data mapping of the transtibial amputee socket-limb interface
  48. Seth Thompson, Surgical insertion point optimisation of the latissimus dorsi using biomechanical verification and validation
  49. Shameela Arbi, Improving diabetes management in under-served communities using a mobile phone
  50. Struan Hume, Computational analysis of thrombosis in cerebral aneurysms
  51. Thabi Matseke, Viral mechanics
  52. Tertius De Villiers, tba
  53. Tewodros Alemneh, Statistical shape model of the full shoulder joint
  54. Tsepo Montsi, Beam-forming transcranial direct current stimulation
  55. Vincent Hülk, Tissue engineered vascular grafts
  56. Werner Stoltsz, Magnetic resonance imaging
  57. Wian Van Den Bergh, Drug eluting electrospun scaffolds for tissue regeneration
  58. Yasheen Brijlal, Non-invasive deep muscle electromyography in the hand