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Latest News of the Division of Biomedical Engineering

Photo of Dr Frances Robertson and Dr Tinashe Mutsvangwa
Congratulations on academic ad hominem promotions
Tue, 13 Oct 2020 - 09:45

Congratulations to Dr Frances Robertson and Dr Tinashe Mutsvangwa from our division who were successful with their application for ad hominem promotion. These promotions acknowledge the outstanding contributions made by both to the Department, Faculty and University.

Looking forward to graduation
Wed, 09 Sep 2020 - 12:45

Several postgraduate students in the Division of Biomedical Engineering have successfully completed their studies and will officially receive their degree at UCT's graduation ceremony in December this year. Congratulations to all for this achievement.

Simple tech solution is an ear saver
Fri, 14 Aug 2020 - 15:45

MSc student Lara Timm from HUB's Division of Biomedical Engineering calls her ear saver solution the UCT Hearo. It’s a neat and practical design that improves the comfort and fit of face masks worn by frontline medical staff to contain COVID-19.

Off-the-shelf tech solutions for Africa
Fri, 14 Aug 2020 - 15:15

The shortage of ventilators for critical COVID-19 cases has been a challenge worldwide and was taken up by South Africa's National Ventilator Project. The Medical Devices Laboratory OpenAir Ventilation project in HUB's Division of Biomedical Engineering identified the need long before it became critical.

Ubuntu Booth prioritises frontline healthcare workers
Wed, 05 Aug 2020 - 15:30

With the spirt of ubuntu in mind, a team of academics led by Associate Professor Sudesh Sivarasu in the Division of Biomedical Engineering, Department of Human Biology, put their heads together to develop a special COVID-19 testing station to safeguard healthcare workers at the coalface of the pandemic.

When crisis cultivates collaboration
Wed, 05 Aug 2020 - 15:30

One way of viewing a crisis is as an opportunity to pursue and contribute to a better future. For Associate Professor Sudesh Sivarasu and his team of biomedical engineers in the Department of Human Biology, COVID-19 has brought just that: the opportunity to serve the greater good through collaboration and sharing of knowledge.

UCT breathes LIFE into ventilator solution
Thu, 30 Jul 2020 - 18:15

The Department of Human Biology's Medical Devices Lab in the Division of Biomedical Engineering has played an integral role in developing a locally manufactured ventilator that has been approved for nationwide rollout to support COVID-19 patients.

Alumnus Dr Adam van Niekerk finalist for ISMRM I.I. Rabi Young Investigator Award
Thu, 23 Jul 2020 - 14:15

PhD alumnus Adam van Niekerk was named one of three finalists for the ISMRM I.I. Rabi Young Investigator Award given for original basic science research in magnetic resonance.

Congratulations to our Graduates
Thu, 12 Dec 2019 - 17:45

Congratulation to all postgraduate students from the Division of Biomedical Engineering who graduated today and the best wishes for their future.

Inaugural Lecture of Professor Thomas Franz
Wed, 13 Nov 2019 - 18:15

Professor Thomas Franz will deliver his inaugural lecture entitled "Mechanics, Mitochondria and More" on Wed 20 Nov 2019, 16h00-17h00 at the New Learning Centre Lecture Theatre at that Faculty of Health Sciences.

Encoding the values of transformation
Thu, 07 Nov 2019 - 08:00

Dr Tinashe Mutsvangwa and Yvonne Karanja of the Medical Image Inferencing and Distributed Diagnosis (Mi2d2) Research Group in UCT's Division of Biomedical Engineering played an integral part in restoring the dignity and identity of the Sutherland skeletal remains.

Ernesta Meintjes elected as ASSAf Member
Mon, 14 Oct 2019 - 14:45

Prof Ernesta Meintjes election as a member of the Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf) is prestigious acknowledgement of her indisputable achievements in the pursuit and advancement of magnetic resonance imaging science.