Congratulations to our December Graduates

20 Dec 2015 - 11:30

Congratulations to all of our students who graduated in the ceremony held on 19 December 2015 and to their supervisors.

The graduates are:

With a PhD in Biomedical Engineering

  • Jia Fan, Neuroimaging study of prenatal alcohol exposure effects on structural and functional connectivity in children
  • Priya Lakshmi Narayanan, Development of a tool for automatic segmentation of the cerebellum in MR images of children

With a PhD in Mechanical Engineering

  • Alfred Bogaers, Efficient and robust partitioned solution schemes for fluid-structure interactions

With a MSc (Med) in Biomedical Engineering

  • Aliza Janse van Rensburg (with distinction)
  • Emmanuel Nwosu (with distinction)
  • Jeremy Pitman (with distinction)
  • Matthew Proxenos (with distinction)
  • Jadrana Toich (with distinction)


Best wishes to all graduates for their next endeavours.